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Spring is a season of change and transformation – from cold to warm temperatures, from shades of grey to bursts of colour, from shorter days to longer days. The spring season brings sunshine, new growth, and a fresh outlook. If you are preparing to sell your home this spring, these five-décor styling and spring staging tips can help you engage buyers with a cheerful, welcoming, and warm environment.

Freshen Your Interior

Scrub your home until it sparkles. Freshen up the interior by putting away your winter wardrobe, organising, and de-cluttering the space. De-cluttering will make your space feel airy and spacious. To avoid the perception of limited storage, do not jam your clutter into your cupboards rather keep your cupboards/built in wardrobes organised.

Get Some Curb Appeal

Ensure a clean exterior appearance by power washing your path and driveway, washing windows, clearing winter debris, cleaning up the gardens, and pruning trees and shrubs. A fresh coat of paint on your front door can create a welcoming first impression. Consider diagonally mowing your lawn to make your garden appear larger.

Embrace New Beginnings

Embrace new beginnings by integrating floral prints, bright colours, or spring flowers. Consider accenting colourful artwork, decorations, pillows, throws, glass bowls filled with fruit, and other accessories against a neutral backdrop to add warmth and energy to your home. Replace your darker winter towels for brighter, colourful towels.

Integrate Natural Elements

Let the natural light in and brighten up the space to make the room feel larger. Consider bringing in plants of any size or shape to bring in a splash of colour and make the home buyer feel closer to nature. Odd-number pairings, especially threes, tend to be more appealing to the eyes.

Bring in the Spring Aromas

Bringing in the spring aromas is one way to ensure that your house smells amazing when buyers visit. Lilies or peonies can add a fresh, spring scent to your space. Lemons are a great natural deodorizer that also add a splash of colour to your kitchen. If you prefer non-perishable items, consider using a fragranced candle or diffusing essential oils.

These spring staging tips will help you create a warm, lively, and cheerful environment where buyers can image their new lifestyle and the possibilities. Spring is a great time to be selling your home.

In fact, a recent Rightmove poll found that over two-thirds (67%) of Rightmove users are most likely to start home-hunting in spring than any other season.

If you are keen to sell your home this spring, you are not alone, but help is at hand. By calling Roberts & Egan or popping in to see us in our Bridgnorth office, you will receive our support and guidance and the kettle is always on.

The UK property market is a year-round entity, but spring remains special for people buying and selling homes, and if you are planning a move then we would love the opportunity to work with you to get you moving this Spring.



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