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There are many things you require when selling a property or the family home but one of the most important things is the correct valuation for your property. This is because an incorrect valuation can cause a lot of problems or issues when it comes to selling your home.

A property valuation that is too high can put buyers off, which means that your property may stay on the market for too long. You may then decide to counteract this by lowering the price the property is listed at but some buyers will then wonder why the price of the property has dropped, which may cause doubt about the quality of your home. It is far better to get the right valuation in place first than to start high and then try to resolve it at a later date.

Conversely, if the valuation of the property is too low, it can cause problems too. If the price appeals to buyers, you will miss out on money that you could have had and put to good use. However, there is also the fact that a low property price causes some buyers to question the property and wonder if there is an issue or problem that they haven’t seen. In this regard, a low property valuation can be as damaging as a high property valuation.

We have considerable experience in the property market

It therefore stands to reason that getting the correct valuation for your property is essential, and this is why it is important to call on an estate agent with experience, expertise and a good reputation in the local area. At Roberts & Egan, we are fully committed to serving the Bridgnorth community and we’re delighted to say that as a company, we can call on more than 40 years’ worth of experience in the industry.

Factors that help us to provide you with the correct valuation for your property include:

  • We have a team of highly experienced professionals carrying out this sort of work
  • We fully understand the importance of obtaining the correct valuation when it comes to selling property
  • We understand the local property market, which allows us to make a viable comparison to similar homes in the local area
  • We don’t rely on online valuation tools to deliver your property valuation

We would be amongst the first estate agents to say that the emergence of the internet and online property portals have been hugely important in the property market, but this isn’t to say that every tool or feature is of benefit. An example of this would be an online valuation tool. If this sort of tool is only being used for a rough guide or to help people get started in determining the sort of valuation they should expect, it can be a time-saving way to get some information.

An online valuation tool is only a starting point

However, an online valuation tool shouldn’t be the only tool used in obtaining a property valuation because there are too many factors that are not included in this sort of guideline. There is a need to call on a professional and experienced estate agent who can utilise information that the online tool would use and use this information alongside local knowledge and an awareness of other factors in the local property market. This is why any property owner looking for a property valuation  should call on Roberts & Egan.

There is also the fact that we provide a free valuation, so if you are looking to find out how much your home is worth without spending any money or making a firm commitment, you’ll find that Roberts & Egan is the company to call on.

It can be easy to let the emotions of your home cloud your judgment on what a property is worth, but this is why coming to an estate agent with local knowledge and experience can make all the difference. The importance of getting the correct valuation of a property cannot be overstated when it comes to selling your home, and this is why you should call on Roberts & Egan for support.

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