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Most people understand the importance of a first impression and you want to make sure that people take a good first impression of your property. This means the outside of your property because people will be able to form an opinion of your home even before they step foot inside of your house. There is an argument that no one decides to buy a property just from how it looks on the outside but you can be confident that many potential buyers have decided against buying a home from what they have seen on the outside.

This means you need to take steps to minimise the negative aspects while looking to enhance or improve the positive aspects of the exterior of your property. You’ll find that walking towards your home or viewing the home from outside the garden area will give you a different perspective on the home. If you have stayed in the home for a number of years it may be difficult to look at your home with fresh eyes but this is essential if you want to impress potential buyers.

Some of the ways you can improve the kerb appeal of your property include:


Make sure the garden area is clean and tidy

This is the most obvious step but it is as true for the garden area as it is for inside the home. You want to remove all rubbish and debris from the garden and exterior area, and you need to make sure this area is as clean and attractive as possible.

Carry out all repair work

If there are any broken or damaged elements in your garden, repair them. This may be a broken fence, chipped paving stones or damaged garden tables and furniture; but no matter what it is, you want to ensure that everything in your garden looks great and is in fine condition.

Hide equipment, toys and bins

While your garden may be a great area for people to play and socialise, when you are presenting it to potential buyers, you want to ensure that your garden area looks as clean and tidy as possible. This means you should place all toys, equipment and even your bins into storage if possible.

Power-wash drives and pathways

If you have pathways and drives, power wash to ensure they look at their best. You should also look to create a parking space for any potential buyers if you can.

Inspect the roof, window frames, pipes and drains – improve or upgrade if you have to

The condition of your window frames, roof, windows, pipes and drains will have a big impact on a potential buyer. If these aspects look shabby or have seen better days, you need to improve their appearance so as not to detract from the property.

Mow the lawn and tidy/define perimeter or border areas

Mowing the loan is a very important step in ensuring your garden looks impressive to any potential buyer. You also want to ensure that any borders or perimeter areas in your garden are robust and in good shape.

Add some flowers or signs of life and vitality

It is always good to have blooming flowers and a touch of life in your garden, so if you can, add some plants and flowers. It isn’t always possible to have a large flower bed but if you are limited in your options, add a window-sill, flowers in a barrel or any small container. Showing that flowers can be grown is an important factor in making your garden as appealing as possible.

Make sure your front door looks impressive

As the entry point to your home, the front door has a big role to play. It should be welcoming, it should be robust and it should be secure. It is often difficult to achieve all of these aims but at the very least, make sure you give the door a fresh coat of paint, clean all of the surrounding aspects, make sure everything is in good condition and if you can, add an accessory to make your door more memorable.

Add some external lighting

External lighting is always a great addition to the garden. This can add safety, security and socialising benefits so take the step of adding additional lighting if you can. If you have any concerns about undertaking electrical work, hire a professional to do this work for you.

Work out the best feature and showcase it to great effect

Many gardens have an area or feature that is the most impressive aspect of the garden and if you do, make sure that it stands out for potential viewers.

Following these steps and tips will ensure that your property has kerb appeal that stands out for any potential buyer.

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