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While there is no denying the importance of online property portals and online estate agents in the modern property market, it would be wrong to suggest that everything involved with the selling process should be carried out online. There are a number of traditional activities and aspects of selling property that still have a place in the present day and this includes a For Sale board. Here are some of the key benefits of having a For Sale board.


Your property will get noticed

The whole point of a For Sale board is to grab attention and make sure people notice your property is up for sale. This sounds simple but if you are selling your home, it makes sense to promote this fact in as many places as possible and a For Sale board does a great job in creating awareness of the availability of the property.

The board provides contact information

There is a functional reason for having a For Sale board at your property and this relates to contact information. The board should provide the name, phone number and maybe even social media details for the estate agent dealing with the sale. This means people looking to find out more about the property have a point of contact or a website address where they can find out more.

Some people may decide to chap at the door and ask for further information but a lot of people will shy away from this style of activity, so providing company details for the estate agency is a very good idea.

It marks your property as the one that is available for sale

If people are coming to view the property, the For Sale board helps indicate where you are. This saves time and it can help people avoid feeling frustrated, which is definitely a positive thing if they are coming to view your home.

It can provide a conversation piece for people

If you have a For Sale board at your property, it gives your neighbours something to talk about with their friends, family members, colleagues and associates. It may be that one of these people are looking to buy property so your For Sale board can create the chance for your home to come up in conversation.

It can grab attention of people who aren’t currently looking to buy a property

Not everyone who ends up buying property starts off looking for a property. Someone may pass your property and take upon the idea of owning a home in this area or is taken by your home. You never know who is going to be interested in your property and it makes sense to promote your property in as many areas as you can.

Not everyone is online

While there are statistics that suggest a phenomenal number of property buyers begin their search for a new home online at the major property portals, it is easy to forget that not everyone is confident online or is internet savvy. It may be that your ideal buyer is looking for homes in the more traditional manner, and if they are driving around areas looking for potential homes, having a For Sale board in your garden or at your home indicates that your property is on the market.

It provides notice to local people that the property is up for grabs

Many people view property as an investment for the future or even to enter the buy to let market. Again, people who live in your local area may not be actively looking for a home, so they aren’t searching online, but they may realise a good investment opportunity when it arises. By having a For Sale board at your property, you increase the likelihood of ensuring your property is seen by people who have an interest in buying it.

All of these reasons will hopefully convince you that having a For Sale board still makes sense in the present day.

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