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While some people have their own personal taste and style which they are determined to stick to at all times, there are many people who like to know the latest trends when it comes to interior design. Whether this means someone is looking to overhaul their home in a comprehensive manner or they are just looking to add a few modern trends alongside more traditional aspects depends on the individual, but there is no getting away from the importance of knowing what the current interior design trends are for 2017.



Be seen to be green

It’s never a bad thing to be seen as being green these days but even aside from having an environmentally friendly outlook, the colour green is back in fashion this year. There are various shades of green on offer which provides flexibility and whether you are looking for a light lime green to a bolder emerald green, there is a shade of green for everyone. You’ll also find that green goes well with a range of colours and the right shade of green works wonderfully well alongside black and/or white.

Tropical print

Perhaps following on from the green aspect and tying in with nature, tropical prints look to be on point in 2017. A number of leading designers, such as Prada and Marc Jacobs have dabbled with this style of print, and there is a range of ways to utilise this look. If you are bold, it can be utilised on walls or on settees but for the more cautious amongst you, a pillow or throw can be the perfect addition to brighten up any room.

An increase in texture

The look and feel of a room is always important and it may be that the type of fabrics and materials you have in a room will be a key factor in design trends for 2017. Using a range of fabrics when placing pillows on a cushion or bed can create a bold mix of styles and there is a great range of throws that can be paired with chairs and sofas.

Colours are more muted this year

If you would prefer to avoid making a bold statement, you’ll be delighted to hear that muted and neutral colours are very much on trend this year. If you enjoy blush pink, beige, light grey and white, you will have plenty to enjoy at home this year.

Funky lighting

Lighting is always hugely important but this year, a lot of the focus is falling on the lighting accessories as opposed to just the light itself. If you add a light or lamp that is a talking point in itself, you’ll find that your home is adhering to one of the stronger interior trends for 2017.

Something that has been important in recent times is individuality and crafted elements in the home. Some people are skilled enough to create these elements themselves but it may be that you will have every reason to investigate independent designers, craft fairs and lots of other exciting and interesting retailers to help you place a unique twist on your property.

As long as you like the style of your home, it doesn’t really matter what the leading trends of the year are. However, if you are determined to have a home that grabs attention for all of the right reasons in 2017, these are the design trends you should follow.

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