The WR8 postcode area offers rental opportunities

The expected rental yield for the WR8 postcode area, which covers Upton upon Severn, Hanley Castle and Hanley Swan      offers an expected rental yield of 5.92% for a one bedroom property and a return of 4.47% for a two bed. There is an expected return of 3.42% for three bedrooms and a four-bedroom property offers an expected return of 2.99%. A five bedroom property in the WR8 postcode area offers an expected return of 3.32%.

The WR13 postcode area covers areas like Colwall, Cradley and Welland. A one-bedroom property in this area is expected to provide a yield of 5.03%. Two bedroom properties are expected to provide a rental yield of 4.83%. (Three bedrooms at 3.26%, four bedroom properties at 3.11% and there is an expected return of 3.94% for a five-bedroom property)

There are many options in West Worcester

The WR14 postcode area covers Malvern, the town with a population of around 30,000 people.  Seen by many as the heart of West Worcester and Malvern Hills, there are rental opportunities in this area too. The expected rental yield of a one bedroom property is 4.54% while a two bedroom property in the area should return a 4.23% rental yield. A three bedroom property should offer a 3.81% rental yield while a four bedroom property can provide a 3.12% rental yield. The expected rental yield for a five bedroom property in WR14 is 3.81%.

As can be seen from these areas, the most attractive option with respect to rental yields is a one or two bedroom properties in Upton upon Severn. This is something that a landlord should have in mind if they are looking for a rental opportunity in the local area. There are many factors to take on board, including the availability of property to buy to let out, but the level of demand and the potential return on offer from an investment of this nature suggests that buying property to let in Upton upon Severn is a smart move.

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